Castle Longshanks Warranty

1. Health: Castle Longshanks warranties that your puppy is in good health at delivery. You will receive a Health Certificate from our veterinarian with a record of worming and vaccinations.

2. Parasites: Castle Longshanks guarantees the puppy to be free of parasites at the time of pick up. We do not guarantee they will remain parasite free as it is possible they can be re infested from change in food and/or the stress of relocating. This is normal for new puppies and you may need to continue with a de-worming program recommended by your veterinarian.

3. 48 Hour Warranty: Buyer has 48 normal business hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to have their puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian. If the veterinarian certifies that, at the time of sale, the puppy was unfit for purchase due to a congenital or hereditary disorder, the buyer has two options: a) Buyer may return the puppy and receive a full refund, excluding the Veterinary costs incurred by the buyer related to the certification that the puppy was unfit. b) Buyer may return the puppy and receive an exchange if one is available, but not refunded for the Veterinary costs related to the certification that the puppy was unfit.

Buyer must notify Castle Longshanks within 2 business days after the veterinarian’s determination that the animal is unfit. The written certification from the veterinarian stating the puppy is unfit must be presented to Castle Longshanks not later than 3 business days following receipt thereof by the buyer.

4. The puppy may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after it leaves our facility. Intestinal or external parasites is not grounds for declaring the puppy unfit for sale. This condition is treatable.

5. Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Guarantee: Castle Longshanks guarantees the puppy from hip and elbow dysplasia that are genetic in origin that are serious enough to require treatment, until 24 months of age. The puppy must be tested and diagnosed by OFA on or before 24 months of age. This cannot be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report stating the puppy has been diagnosed as being severely dysplastic to Castle Longshanks. Castle Longshanks will reimburse the buyer all veterinary expenses related to the defect up to the purchase price of the puppy, with the buyer retaining ownership of the puppy.

It is the consumer's right, pursuant to section 828.29, Florida Statutes, to receive a certificate of veterinary inspection with each dog or cat purchased from a pet dealer. Such certificate shall list all vaccines and deworming medications administered to the animal and shall state that the animal has been examined by a Florida-licensed veterinarian who certifies that, to the best of the veterinarian's knowledge, the animal was found to have been healthy at the time of the veterinary examination. In the event that the consumer purchases the animal and finds it to have been unfit for purchase as provided in section 828.29(5), Florida Statutes, the consumer must notify the pet dealer within 2 business days of the veterinarian's determination that the animal was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain, return, or exchange the animal and receive reimbursement for certain related veterinary services rendered to the animal, subject to the right of the dealer to have the animal examined by another veterinarian.