Puppy Pick Instructions

*We prefer that all pertinent communications between the Puppy Parent and Castle Longshanks is by email. You are always free to call with questions.

Pick List – When we receive the deposit funds you will be placed on the “Pick List” of your litter choice. We will send you confirmation of your 1: Litter Choice 2: Gender Choice and  3: “Pick Order” number.

Birth Announcement – If the litter has not yet been born you will receive a birth announcement by email.  We will post litter photos to the Web Site.  Individual photos will be taken in the 4th and 7th week.  Puppies will be identified by gender and a color code.

The Temperament Test –  will be done at 7 weeks.  Results will be posted on the Web Site. You will be notified by email when they are posted.

Pick Order #1 – Must choose your puppy within 48 hours of the Temperament Test posting.

Each successive Pick Order must choose their puppies in each next 24 hour window respectively.

We will make ourselves  available for you to call us with any questions you may have in choosing your puppies.

Failure to Pick – If you do not choose your puppy within your assigned “Pick” window we will choose the puppy we feel best fits your needs.  It is important you include what your needs are on the Application.

You may choose to “Pass ” up your choice at any time on or before your assigned “Pick” window and your deposit will be re-assigned to another litter of your choice at your convenience.

Not enough Puppies – If there are not enough puppies to fulfill the pick orders your deposit will be refunded or you may re – assign your deposit to another litter of your choice. You will forfeit your deposit after two years from the original litter born date.