Litter Care

The litters at Castle Longshanks get care from the womb.

Our Dams receive a special diet we formulate for their health as well as the litters health. With the kennel on our own property we are able to be there at the birth prepared to help if needed. Insuring each pup is breathing normal and their systems are working properly. Each puppy is given a brisk massage with a soft towel at birth. We giving each pup the best start into this world we can offer.

The first 16 days – ENS – Early Neurological Stimulation. This program was developed by the U.S. Military to encourage the rapid growth and development of the puppies neurological system. This programs is referred to as “Bio Sensor” or “Super Dog” training. We feel this program offers each puppy a super charged advantage in life.

Puppies sight and hearing does not develop for about the first 16 days. They are only able to suck, smell and crawl. Each day they are put through a mild “stressing” which is designed to expose them to certain stresses so they will learn to adapt and cope with the many challenges that will come throughout their life. This helps prevent them from developing an overly shy or fearful temperament, growling at anything new or running for cover. Dogs often bite out of fear.

The stressing consists of holding the puppy gently, petting and calming the puppy. Then performing the following stresses for 3 to 5 seconds each. This is done once a day.

  • Hold the puppy vertical to the floor – then upside-down, with both hands.
  • Hold the puppy in the palm of your hand on his back.
  • Tickle the puppy between the toes with a Q-Tip.
  • Set the puppy on a cold wet towel.

After the stressing exercise they are held to pet and calm the puppy. This is a part of the “bounce back” response. The puppy learns that uncomfortable situations don’t last long and there is safety on the horizon. No need for a panic “fight or flight” response.

Studies have shown the following benefits:

  • Improved cardio vascular performance
  • Stronger heart beats
  • Stronger adrenal glands
  • More tolerance to stress
  • Greater resistance to disease

It is found that puppies who received this treatment are more active, curious, motivated to explore and behave in a calm more focused manner. They are much less likely to whine and exhibit emotions of being stressed or upset as are puppies that are not subjected to this treatment.

After the first 16 days of neurological stimulation we spend time with each puppy with a Puppy to 8th Week Socialization Program.

As they learn to “dominance role play” with their litter mates they will naturally try to bite as a part of play. This is when we begin reinforcing “No Bite” during our play sessions. They become familiar with “No” as a response to a bad behavior.

Each day, after they are fed and have had a full session of play, and ready for a nap, they are held on their backs in our arms for a short period of time. The goal of this exercise is to get them to not resist you, relax and obtain eye contact with you. If they look away we encourage them to maintain eye contact with us by gently pulling their head towards us. This is the beginning of their submission training. To look to their master while in a submissive position. This training will be important when it is time for you to establish your role as the “pack leader”. You can then begin positive reward training with success.

The puppies are exposed to a wide variety of smells, textures and sounds. They become comfortable hearing the loud sounds such as a vacuum cleaner, weed trimmer and lawn mower to name a few. Other exposures: flickering of the TV, lights on when they sleep, soft and rough textures, cold and hot, the calming of being held by a human, exposure to other adult dogs and animals (such as sheep or cattle when possible). They are given praise through touch and verbal response when they exhibit good behavior and respond in a positive way.

Socializing a puppy begins on day one. We will get your puppy to his 8th week and then you, the Puppy Parent, Pack Leader, will take over and complete the process. It will make the difference between a well adjusted, eager to please, fearless, loyal companion and the “puppy from hell”. The process has no guarantees but will give the puppy exposure to a wide diverse array of experiences that will help set his temperament in a positive way. Being a Puppy Parent is a rewarding experience. If taken seriously it will result in a wonderful relationship, loyal guardian, your best working dog, buddyhood, forever Pal between you and your “smartest dog on earth” for life.