Hello. Let us introduce ourselves : Craig & Colleen Winters.

Our home and kennel “Castle Longshanks” is located in Central Florida. We have 5 acres of pasture, Live Oaks and beautiful tall Pines where we enjoy spending most of our days tending to the small farm and working with our dogs. Married over 40 years we have found great satisfaction working side by side through the many years in many endeavors.

I, Craig, have had experience breeding and raising dogs from a young lad of 13 years. Mandy, an AKC Labrador Retriever dam was my first buddy and hunting companion. We spent many hours camping and hunting in the Arizona desert, just the two of us.

“Castle Longshanks” was inspired by our first Sire, Longshanks Von Churchill. He is a beautiful straight back German Shepherd, black with silver legs. He has a stunning regal demeanor. From time to time he thinks a little too highly of himself but an amazingly loyal obedient companion. His name hails from England, Longshanks - the nick-name for King Edward I of England.

We have a passion for the working dog breeds that have much more to offer than just “man’s best friend”. A happy, loyal dog is one that has a job to do. For some dogs “fetching the ball” is their job and they love to do it well knowing what is expected of them and always aiming to please their master. There are many jobs a dog can be responsible for that can be of great service. The family dog, companion, loyal protector has always been a part of our lives.

Our goal and joy is to produce high quality, healthy and properly socialized dogs ready for their new family to love and train for whatever task. From protecting the homestead, guarding the livestock, carrying supplies on a hike to being trained to be a Service Dog or your loyal forever companion.

We go to great lengths to care for our dogs health naturally and give them an excellent well balanced raw fed diet providing them all the protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes a dog needs. Special care is given to our dams for their specific breeding, gestation, whelping and lactating needs.

We provide a clean and comfortable home for our dogs with room for the Dams and their litters and plenty of space to train, run, play and nap in the shade. We enjoy spending quality time with our dogs and their litters each day.

My wonderful wife Colleen and I do all we can to offer you a beautiful, healthy, balanced puppy. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and assist in selecting the perfect puppy for you.